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About Mixers & Morsels


I'm Brendon, chef and owner of Denver Mixers and Morsels. I've been in the culinary industry for over twenty years and have been cooking all my life.


I come from a family that treated holiday events like an excuse for a cooking celebration. At four years old I was at the counter cooking with my family from the same stool that my brother previously cooked from when he was young. Fast forward 18 years and I'm graduating from college with a degree that had nothing to do with culinary arts. But after some not so serious deliberation, I found myself back in the kitchen having fun and I haven't looked back since. 


Over the last ten years, I was at the helm of several successful Denver restaurants. During this time I designed menus, opened new restaurants, and had the opportunity to work for a James Beard Award winning chef as well as a certified Master Chef. As my skills and knowledge increased I found myself wanting to break away from the restaurant scene and make a larger variety of cuisines. Starting Mixers and Morsels two years ago has allowed me to do just that. 


At Mixers and Morsels, we specialize in customized menus for any occasion based on quality locally sourced ingredients. ​We're excited to create a customized menu that delivers indulgent flavors right to the comfort of your home, business, or event. We're well versed in cooking with a wide variety of food styles and producing services to fit any venue. We create dishes that can cater to any dietary restrictions including gluten-free, nut, vegetarian and vegan considerations that are delirious and don't appear like an afterthought.

Eat Well,

Brendon Flood


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